4 Common Facts About Wisdom Teeth That Everyone Must Know

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From babyhood to adolescence, teeth erupt in stages. These stages include first incisors, canines, premolars and molars, and finally, wisdom teeth—the most intriguing among them. Read on below to know what wisdom teeth are.

Wisdom teeth or known as third molars, are set of teeth found at the farthest end of the dental arches and are usually the last ones to erupt. Sometimes these teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth when aligned healthily and properly. But often, they can be misaligned and will require extraction.

wisdom tooth removal


Some people might be familiar with what wisdom teeth are and its extraction procedure. However, are you sure that all of their information is true and came from a reliable source? For everyone to know, we, at Douglasville Dental Associates, have prepared a list of facts about wisdom teeth.

Not everyone has wisdom teeth

Not all people get their wisdom teeth. Some of them have wisdom teeth hidden beneath their gums that never erupt. Others may have one or two wisdom teeth to erupt, and some don’t have any at all.

Wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted at all times

Some people believed that wisdom teeth need to be removed because they can cause crowding and become painful. But that is not always true as some people never experienced any problems when their third molars erupt. Wisdom teeth are only removed when they are impacted, at risk of infection, decayed, causing jaw damage, sinus problems, inflamed gums, and damage to other teeth. 

Extracting the wisdom teeth is safe

Although the procedures for wisdom tooth extraction are surgical, removing wisdom teeth is a common and safe procedure. Patients who have undergone the procedure do not have any complications at all. The oral surgeons are highly trained and capable of performing wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom teeth have a purpose

Wisdom teeth function the same way as the other teeth do; they make chewing easier. Anthropologists believed that our ancestors needed the wisdom teeth to consume rough and coarse food.

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