5 Basic Facts Regarding Crown and Bridges Treatment, Douglasville

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Dental crowns and bridges are fixed forms of dental prosthetics that can be cemented on your natural and existing teeth and other dental prosthetics, to enhance their appearance and at the same time, your smile. This task is performed by a special dentist- Prosthodontist.

Crowns are known to be dental cappings that can cover your damaged teeth and even cover dental implants, whereas, dental bridges are used to cover multiple gaps left after your tooth loss, and even multiple gaps where now stand the dental implants. Both dental crowns and bridges act like natural teeth and appear like them. However, certain precautions need to be taken with them.

There are multiple benefits of the dental crowns and bridges-

  • They can replace gaps in cases of tooth loss.
  • They can help weaker teeth from getting damaged
  • They can restore the fractures, cracks, and chips in your teeth.
  • They can cover dental implants
  • They can help enhance your dental aesthetics by covering your discoloration issues
  • They can cover the teeth that have undergone the root canal treatment.

Here are five amazing facts about dental crowns and bridges-

  1. Both crowns and bridges are recommended to people in cases of missing teeth and lost dental aesthetics. They are both made out of solid material- Porcelain and ceramic. In most cases, they are made out of porcelain being fused to a biocompatible metal. They both are a steady dental prosthetic option because of the same.
  2. Dental crowns and bridges were made out of gold and other metals which might have been strong, but unnatural. However, today, in the contemporary times, the crowns and bridges were made out porcelain give the appearance of having natural teeth. They are customized to replicate the exact color of your natural surrounding dental aesthetics.
  3. The process of making the dental crowns and bridges today is customized and processed in major dental laboratories. This way the functionality of your dental crowns and bridges is ensured. The crowns and bridges are a result of aesthetic practices and science. Together when fused, these two give you a long lasting result and skillful design customized just for you.
  4. With the help of your dental crowns and bridges, not only would you get your dental aesthetics and your smile back, but you will also get your diet and nutrition back. You would be able to eat just about anything after the crowns and bridges have been used to your dental aesthetics completely and the healing period is over.
  5. Dental crowns and bridges are not just capable of treating tooth loss, but can also treat multiple other issues- the chips, cracks, discoloration issues, and many other dental problems can be solved with the help of crowns and bridges.
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