Are Root Canals an Affordable Alternative to Dentures?

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Root canal treatment involves trying to restore back a tooth or teeth which are infected. This is done by removing the dental pulp which every tooth has, cleaning up the pulp chamber, disinfecting it, and refilling it with a substance like gutta-percha. With this procedure, one does not lose the natural tooth or teeth we had.

What are dentures?

A denture, on the other hand, is a removable replacement for one or more teeth. One can get a complete set of dentures or even a partial one. While the former is used when all the teeth are missing or are removed, the latter is used when some teeth or even a single tooth has fallen or has been removed.

Which treatment should one opt for?

A root canal is a treatment which one can go in for if the tooth or teeth can be salvaged, even if infected. Extraction of the tooth or teeth is done if there is a big crack in it or them or if there exists a big cavity or cavities. In dental terms, if there is a crack which goes down below the gum line, the tooth should be extracted. It is considered beyond a state of being saved.  

Which treatment is more expensive?

It is a fact that if one has multiple teeth which are infected and are in need of root canal treatment, it may be more cost effective to have them extracted. Use of dentures may be inexpensive when it comes to some teeth in which the root canal procedure has to be done.

Dental implants, on the flip side, are perfect replacements for missing tooth or teeth. However, this option is an expensive one. Also, the procedure is very lengthy and involves healing which may take up to a few months. The implants are placed inside the jaw, and then prosthetics are fitted on top of them. However, because they are integrated into the jaw bone, the result is teeth which are almost as good as new for the patient. One can go back to one’s original eating and drinking habits and the patient can eat and chew with almost the same degree of force as before.

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