Considerations When Getting Porcelain Veneers

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People who dream of having the perfect smile avail of porcelain veneers to transform their teeth. To carry out this transformation, there are several elements at play. Fortunately, our dentist at Douglasville Dental Associates knows how to combine science and art for everyone to achieve the smile they desire.


If you are curious about the things considered when getting dental veneers, here are the five main factors:


Teeth that are too big negatively impacts a person’s appearance. It is especially true if the two front teeth are large—it makes a person look like they have buck teeth. For teeth that are too small, there could be gaps which can make a person look like they still have baby teeth. In these cases, other dental procedures might be necessary before the placement of veneers.


Having short or long teeth can affect the balance of the face and draw attention to an undesirable smile. The length of the veneers should not be identical; they should subtly complement each other to provide a natural look. Veneers can lengthen short teeth, but teeth that are too long may not fit a certain desired proportion or gum recession could be the cause of the problem. If this is usually the case, this concern should first be treated before placing veneers.



Patients who want straighter teeth but dislike the idea of orthodontic treatments (such as braces or aligners) can greatly benefit from veneers. Veneers are capable of aligning teeth, correct teeth angulation problems, and make them less crowded.


The dentin below the enamel is responsible for giving the color of the teeth. For patients with darker dentin, undergoing professional teeth whitening treatments will not work for them. So, the best course to take is by considering dental veneers which are custom fabricated for the preferences and needs of a particular patient.


Veneers should reflect light the same way natural teeth do. If the veneers are opaque, they are more likely to seem unnatural and appear fake. The opacity, translucency, and coloring of veneers all contribute to the perfect selection of shade for the patients.

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