Frequently Asked Questions About Crowns and Bridges – Douglasville, GA

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Preserving and restoring a tooth has been made possible through the emergence of various dental procedures. However, not everyone is fully aware of this fact. Many patients have been enduring the adverse effects of missing teeth and others may have opted for extraction instead of finding an option to save a tooth.


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Our team at Douglasville Dental Associates are committed to providing only the best dental health care. We want to educate our patients of all the possible solutions for their oral needs. Patients are assured that we are always ready to assist them in any way possible. For them to familiarize with dental crowns and bridges, here are the most common questions!

What is the difference between crowns and bridges?

Crowns are tooth-shaped shells made to resemble the appearance of a natural tooth. It works as a cap that can enclose a tooth that has been extensively damaged to keep it from further weakening. Whereas, a bridge is a type of prosthesis that can serve as a replacement for missing teeth.

What can dental crowns correct?

  • Extensive decay or injury
  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Support a tooth with large fillings
  • Serve as the anchors for a dental bridge
  • Act as a prosthesis for dental implants
  • Correct teeth aesthetics

How are crowns and bridges applied?

They may both work differently, but they are fitted on the teeth similarly. A crown is applied on a tooth by removing some of its surfaces, if there is a small portion of tooth left, fillings will be used to secure the space for the prosthesis. For bridges, on the other hand, the adjacent teeth on the gaps will be the ones to be prepared. A bridge is made up of crowns at either side to act as anchors and pontics (fake teeth) that would serve as the replacement teeth on the middle.

To ensure that the prostheses would fit perfectly impressions are taken and sent out on an off-site lab. The lab would then custom-create the crown or bridges based on the mold given. That is why it would usually take at least two dental visits to complete the procedure. As soon as the permanent prostheses are ready, the patient would see the dentist for its application.

Patients who are curious if crowns and bridges are best suited for their needs can schedule an appointment with us at Douglasville Dental Associates! Consultation and recommendation for other possible treatments will be given to secure the overall oral wellness of our patients.


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