General dentistry Douglasville

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Douglasville Dental Associates is number one rated dental service in its area and community. The clinic is composed of skilled, experienced and committed team members. All of them work together towards a single goal that is taking care of your dental health.

Many features set this particular dental service apart from other services. Some have been mentioned below.

Quality Service

Douglasville Dental Associates are dedicated to provide quality service and ensure the satisfaction of the patients.

Affordable Prices

Douglasville Dental Associates value their clients. Therefore, they offer affordable prices for dental procedures and provide the right value to the patients for their money.

New Advanced Technology

The clinic is equipped with advanced technology. This makes dental procedures more comfortable and less time consuming. One of the new additions to the clinic is the option of cancer screening.

Experienced Professionals

The assistants and doctors at the clinic are experienced in their respective fields. They will provide you with the best dental service using their quality skills.

Friendly Environment

The visitors at Douglasville Dental Associates are treated with friendly behaviour and compassion. Every member of the staff works for making the visits pleasant for the patients.

Safety and Hygiene

Douglasville Dental Associates follow proper standards of safety and hygiene. The staff takes all actions to prevent any risk to the health of the visitors.


All the dental assistants have been certified by Georgia Dental Association.

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