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Toothpaste and toothbrush are two peas in a pod. They work together to retain a clean mouth, teeth, and gums. Without the other, it is impossible for a person to attain a healthy smile. But how much do you know about your toothpaste? Are you using the right products for your teeth? Let us at Douglasville Dental Associates feed you with the facts about your toothpaste. This way, you will be able to distinguish which stuff is suited for you and which one you should avoid.


Healthy Teeth


A Toothpaste’s Story

What people should erase in their minds is the idea that dentistry is quite dull. If you are just keen on discovering the hidden facts about dental care, you will find the practice a lot more fascinating. Listed below are some examples of the exciting truths about toothpaste.

Brush like an Egyptian

The beauty-conscious individuals, Egyptians, take oral care to the next level. Did you know that they are the ones who first invented a cleanser for the teeth? About 5000 years ago, ancient people in Egypt utilized burnt eggshells and pulverized them afterward to be used as a cleaning agent for their pearly whites.

A queen with rotten teeth

Unfortunately, cleaning the teeth is not the cup of tea of people way back in the Medieval period. Almost all of them did not give much attention to their oral health. Even Queen Elizabeth I herself got black, rotten teeth back then!

The best toothpaste has been identified

Can you tell which one of the multitudinous variety of toothpaste works best? For dental professionals, toothpaste with fluoride content is the most favorable. This natural-occurring mineral helps keep tooth decay and acids at bay.

Yummy toothpaste is in!

Imagine squeezing a tube of toothpaste not to clean your teeth but to eat what’s inside – gross, right? But if you are someone who works in a zero-gravity environment, like the Astronauts, you might probably thank whoever it is that created the edible toothpaste.

The hidden talents

Toothpaste is designed for the teeth – true or false? Some may agree, but there are also others who will disagree. Aside from brightening the smiles, toothpaste has surprising uses. They can be used to polish silver jewelry, alleviate bug bites on the skin, and clean running shoes.

The ugly truth

“Eight shades lighter teeth in a week” – sound familiar? You may encounter this toothpaste’s claim many times whether in TV ads, magazines, or in the product packaging itself. But sadly, no toothpaste can produce miracles. Whitening the teeth are solely the job of the dentist. Dental professionals like ours at Douglasville Dental Associates provide people with a vast array of cosmetic dentistry selections to help them improve the aesthetics of their smiles. In our office, we have teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, Lumineers, composite fillings, and full porcelain crowns.

Toothpaste can clean the teeth impressively. But if you want more than just a clean smile, opt for Cosmetic Dentistry in Douglasville, GA. Call us at Douglasville Dental Associates, or you may also visit our clinic at 9579 Highway 5, Suite 701, Douglasville GA, 30135.