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Like general health care, being proactive with one’s oral wellness is always better than opting for treatments and restorations. Not only will preventive measures help a person combat the occurrence of most oral complications, but they are also more likely to avoid spending for extensive and complicated procedures. These alone give them enough reason not to skip their dental visits; however, if they are still not convinced, here are some grounds to consider.


Dental Cleaning & Checkup


Prevents Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth or two is experienced by many people; however, it is not something to be considered normal; unless it is a child’s primary teeth. Aside from performing proper oral hygiene practices daily, scheduling dental visits can decrease a person’s risk of developing problems that may worsen over time. And if an oral concern is addressed early, do know that the chances of saving the teeth from damage and being lost are high.

Avoids Gum Disease

The condition that starts as an infection of the gums can worsen and lead to irreversible problems if professional assistance is not sought. Gingivitis, its initial stage is still treatable; however, it can progress to advanced periodontitis, a more serious form of the condition. Gum disease is silent, so it is possible that there will be no manifestation of any symptoms. To avoid the possibility of tooth loss and other health concerns, make sure to schedule routine appointments.

Stop Bleeding Gums

Patients are highly advised to never ignore the presence of blood when brushing and flossing. Although it may just be because of vigorous brushing, it could also be a sign of gum disease. For the proper diagnosis and measures to be taken, scheduling an appointment is best. If it is because of poor hygiene habits, the dentist will provide proper techniques to follow.

Detect potential threats

Even if the patient’s teeth look healthy, it is still imperative to schedule dental appointments. Oral complications may start to creep in, but since the patient does not have any means for its detection, it may begin to cause damage without them knowing. Fortunately, regular checkups can detect and treat any underlying complications.

Keep Overall Health in Good Shape

Based on some studies, oral complications may affect a person’s general health as well. The state of the teeth and the gums can affect the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, and even the reproductive system of a person. In other words, keeping oral health in shape allows the general health to benefit as well.

With all these reasons provided above, we at Douglasville Dental Associates highly encourage our patients to do their part in keeping their overall health and wellness in excellent shape by scheduling dental checkups every six months without fail!

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