Root Canals in Douglasville, GA: The Misconceptions That You Should Stop Believing

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The images of drilling machines, pointy needles, and busy gloved hands of the dentist start to pop-up. Knees tremble and sweats are falling – your root canal appointment will begin in a few minutes. Is there something to worry about?


Root Canal Treatment


A root canal therapy is not as painful as you think. While many people perceive the treatment as dreadful, that is only a product of the misconceptions surrounding the root canal procedure. Below are some of the myths regarding root canals that everyone should not believe:

It takes a long time to finish a root canal

A root canal treatment doesn’t require you to sit in the dental chair all day long. You will only need a maximum of two visits to complete it. The amount of time that patients need to spend at the clinic will depend on the severity of the condition.

The therapy is overly painful

Many people are afraid of root canal treatment due to discomfort. But what if we tell you that the procedure is entirely painless? With all the advances in the field of dentistry, anyone can save their teeth from extraction without the hassles. Here at Douglasville Dental Associates, undergoing root canal is like getting dental fillings. No amount of pain will bother you after the session. Plus, our dentist is skilled in this particular dental service, so you don’t have to worry about unsuccessful therapy.

It is better to remove the infected tooth than opt for a root canal procedure

Others find root canal too intimidating that they ended up investing in teeth extractions. However, it is always ideal to maintain the natural structure. Keeping the real teeth intact means preserving their functionality.

A root canal therapy is solely a temporary solution

Dentists do not necessitate patients for further treatments after a root canal procedure. Furthermore, the effects and benefits of root canals are long-lasting.

Local anesthesia is available in our office to make your dental experience go smoothly. Talk to us at Douglasville Dental Associates if you have any questions regarding the treatment.


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