Six Facts Your Family Dentist Will Not Tell You About Root Canal, Douglasville

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  1. Root canal therapy is also called endodontic treatment. The outermost layer of the tooth is called the enamel. The one inner to this is the dentine. Inner to this even is the pulp cavity. This is made up of cellular matter, nerves and blood vessels. During root canal therapy, this cavity or chamber is cleared up of all the mass. It is then disinfected. A substance like gutta-percha is inserted into the chamber. It is then sealed off from the outside environs. A dental crown or cap is placed atop the cavity to function as the tooth which the world sees.
  2. Many people have the impression that root canal therapy is very painful. However, the only discomfort involved is of getting the injections to numb the area before the actual procedure commences.
  3. Sometimes root canal therapy is not successful in its aim of tooth restoration. There may be a problem while clearing up the dental cavity or the dental crown may not be properly placed. However, the dentist can give another try for making this attempt successful. If however, the tooth cannot be restored after two to three attempts at restoration, it is best to give this procedure a pass and go in for tooth extraction. After extraction, a dental implant may be placed to replace the damaged or infected tooth.
  4. One should take adequate precautions after getting a root canal procedure done. It is wise to opt for this method if the tooth is not decayed, fractured or broken. If it is not in a state to be redeemed, it is best to give up trying and extract it. The dentist is the best person to judge if the tooth can be restored or should be extracted.
  5. Other options include dentures or dental implants. Dental implants are permanent structures in the mouth region. They are very much akin to the natural tooth or teeth of the patient concerned. The smile and manner of eating and talking of the person concerned get restored to the original one with the use of dental implants. Also, these can last the entire duration of the lifetime of the patient if they are properly cared for. Dental implants should be shown periodically to the dentist for minor adjustments. Even root canal procedures should be shown to the dentist to see their success.
  6. Dentures too can be used as teeth replacements. However, temporary dentures need to be removed each night and placed in a jar containing cleansing liquid into which a cleansing tablet has been added. The dentures can even be brushed with this liquid. One can even use a toothpaste meant for this purpose to cleanse the dentures. They also alter the facial appearance of the patient by a bit. They are apparent to those who interact with the person who is using them. Hence, sometimes people may tend to become a little conscious when they begin using dentures.