Things That Patients Should Stop Doing After Getting Dental Fillings in Douglasville, GA

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Do you have cavities? Ask dentists for the best treatment, and they will tell you one solution: Dental Fillings. This dental treatment is a popular remedy for tooth decay. It can reverse small cavities, halt their progression, and even bring back the appearance of an affected tooth. Here at Douglasville Dental Associates, the fillings we provide to patients are made from tooth-colored materials. We believe that people need more than just a quick fix for their decayed tooth; they also desire something that can mend their cosmetic concerns. And for us, white fillings can do both.


Dental Fillings


The way tooth-colored fillings are applied is fast and easy. Even local anesthesia is no longer needed as the procedure is comfortable compared to other dental services. Once the patient’s decayed tooth is filled, they can then embrace the great benefits of dental filling for years. The estimated duration for tooth-colored fillings to last in the teeth is five to seven years. However, to achieve this, proper aftercare should be taken into consideration.


Dental Fillings: The Don’ts

Dental fillings do not require special care. What patients need to do is avoid the factors that can shorten the longevity of their fillings.

  • Choose the foods to eat after the treatment. Patients are advised to consume soft foods instead of hard, chewy, or sticky treats. Follow this tip for two weeks to embrace favorable results.
  • Do not drink hot or cold beverages if teeth sensitivity is experienced. Opt for drinks with average temperatures instead.
  • Do not forcefully munch foods, especially on the portion of the mouth where the filling is placed. Take note that large fillings are more brittle than the small ones. So if most of the tooth is covered with a dental filling, the patient is advised to use gentler chewing pressure when eating.
  • Do not cease from practicing good oral hygiene daily. The teeth without fillings can still get cavities so brushing, flossing, and rinsing should be done regularly. Visiting the dentist twice a year is also recommended to have the dental restoration checked and altered if needed.

These instructions mentioned above are all useful if you want to prolong the lifespan of your dental fillings. For further information about Dental Fillings in Douglasville, GA, contact us at Douglasville Dental Associates. You may visit our office at 9579 Highway 5, Suite 701, Douglasville GA, 30135.