Why Are Regular Dental Check-Ups so Important in Douglasville?

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Regular dental check-ups are important in Douglasville since it is essential to maintain oral health. When one goes to a dentist on a regular basis, he or she can guide us very accurately about the present health of our teeth and gums. Since teeth and gums are the tools with which we chew our food for their proper intake into our digestive systems, it is imperative to maintain their hygiene.

With age, our teeth and gums start getting weaker. At times, the gums or the pulp cavity inside our teeth develops an infection. If this is not cleared up in time with the help of antibiotics, it becomes necessary to remove the tissue, nerves and blood vessels via a root canal treatment. If the tooth or teeth are severely affected, then they may have to be extracted and dentures or implants put in their place.

Also, at times, teeth get stained. This may happen due to excessive use of tobacco or by drinking a lot of dark colored beverages like tea, coffee or red wine. This makes them look yellow. Such tooth or teeth need to be cleaned up with a procedure either at the dental clinic or even at home. Whichever be the method of treating a patient opts for, it is good to have a dentist guide them about the process.

How often is it best to visit a dentist on a regular basis?

It is wise to have a thorough dental check-up done once every six months or so on a regular basis. This will ensure that all our dental demands are met with on time. Sometimes, we have issues like oral cancer developing in our salivary glands, lips or lymph nodes et al. Oral cancer is treatable if detected early enough. If we are regularly having check-ups done, this can be detected well in time for proper treatment and total recovery to take place.

With age, sometimes the gums of a person become weak. This will lead to the teeth which are being held together by them to become loose. It is best to have a dentist guide you about what to do with them on time. Or else, tooth removal may be the only option. However, if we do meet with a dentist on time, he may have us go in for root canal therapy in which the natural tooth is retained and not lost.

A regular check-up with a dentist will reveal even cases of other gum diseases which we may not be aware of. Some of these cause bad breath which we may not know about and are unnecessarily causing discomfort to those we interact with. Such diseases need immediate treatment. Also, regular dental visits will enable us to have our teeth scaled and cleaned up every six months or so. This is good for our dental hygiene and overall good mouth condition.

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