Why Do You Need Dental Crown and Bridges in Douglasville, GA?

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Dental crowns and bridges are restorative prosthetics that can be fixed or cemented to our already existing teeth and dental implants. Dental crowns are cappings or coverings for our tooth that are damaged and need to be covered. Crowns can also be used for covering other restorative features like dental implants. Dental bridges, on the other hand, are gap fillers for our teeth that are missing or have been lost and a void has been created because of them. They can be cemented into that void, as well as over dental implants and can restore similar levels of functionality as that of our natural teeth.

Dental bridges and dental crowns help strengthen our damaged teeth. Not only this, but they also help in improving the appearance of our dental aesthetics, their shape, and their alignment. They can fix big issues that are common among many people. Bridges and crowns are also known to support the surrounding dental structures, which can be affected because of the original teeth not being there. Since the natural teeth go missing, the surrounding aesthetics tend to shift and get lost, bridges and crowns help fix this issue.

Dental Crowns: Crowns help cover the damaged teeth like a capping. They strengthen them, and visibly improve the appearance of our dental aesthetics. They are placed on the top of implant restoration to ensure they get the shape of a tooth with similar functions. Dental crowns are made out of either porcelain or ceramic. Both these materials are preferred because they tend to match the natural color of our teeth. They can also be made out of materials like gold and metals, and acrylic material.

Dental Bridges: Bridges can be recommended by your dental care provider for filling up the gaps that are left behind when teeth fall out. Gaps can cause imbalances in our dental alignments, which can also lead to TMJ diseases and Gum diseases. Bridges tend to span spaces between our teeth that are empty. They are cemented to our natural teeth or any surrounding structure with implants. They serve the purpose of anchoring our dental aesthetics. They restore back the basic functionality of our teeth and can increase the appearance as well. The options available in dental bridges are either porcelain or ceramic.

Dental crowns and bridges can last almost a lifetime if taken care of properly. However, they might come off loose and eventually fall off if their care is neglected. To increase their longevity, you must practice keeping your oral health at a good level. Dental diseases must be prevented from spreading with regular dental checkups. Also, we must keep our teeth and gums healthy by maintaining brushing and flossing habits, along with dental cleanings.

Dental crowns and bridges are a revolution in the restorative methods of dentistry. You can avail them and get your healthier looking smiles back. Book your appointments, call us – (770) 400-0019. Or visit us – Douglasville Dental Associates. 9579 Highway 5, Suite 701, Douglasville GA, 30135.